Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal

The Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal was created by Archbishop Urban J. Vehr in 1965 to accommodate the surge in the number of Catholics relocating to northern Colorado. During the past half century, our archdiocese has witnessed additional population growth bursts. As with any growing family like our spiritual family, known as the Archdiocese of Denver,  this blessing of growth creates additional needs and responsibilities. Thankfully, nearly forty archdiocesan ministries that address the social, educational, and pastoral needs of our spiritual family are funded through Appeal proceeds.


Serving the Church definitely has its benefits. Anyone can find something in our parish to get involved in and most everyone will benefit from it!

Stewardship calls us to recognize that all of creation is a gift from God. As stewards, we recognize God as the source of all that we are and all we possess. Therefore, we are responsible to use the gifts that God has entrusted to us in gratitude to God in everything we do. When we apply stewardship principles to everything we do in our daily lives, we put our faith into practice. We participate in God’s Kingdom here on earth and help carry out Jesus’ work.

Our parish communities offers musicians a way to praise God and lead others with their talent. Those who are willing to teach our children the principals of the gospel have an opportunity to do so through our Faith Formation Programs. Our parish communities offers everyone an opportunity to give their time and love in service of the Church. What does this mean for you? This means that whoever you are and whatever your talents, getting involved in our church community is something you can do.

Many people and resources are out there to help you get involved with our church community and make the most of your experience. Be an active part of the faith that enriches your life each and every day. Get involved and help others build their faith while renewing yours!